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Photodune 277307 rock concert s article

Can an iPad Replace My MainStage Rig?

Imagine a digital sound source that comes with a huge variety of quality software instruments, samples and loops, has battery life that will last all day,...

Ipadinterfacespreview400 article

Top 30 Devices and Interfaces for iPad Audio

Audio on iPad? I was a little dubious back in January 2010 when I asked "Will Apple’s iPad revolutionise music production?" Things have changed. Just over...

Podcastinggearpreview400 article

The Complete List of Audio Gear You'll Need for Your Podcast Music ...

Dreaming of starting a podcast? Then you've got a lot of work to do. Besides planning content, finding co-hosts and negotiating advertising deals, you've got...

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Audiotuts+ 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

What do you get a home recording fanatic, musician, or audio professional for Christmas? Well, you could always buy them an AC/DC t-shirt or a piano tie. But...

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Why Reverb Is the Most Essential Effect in Your Toolkit

In skilled hands, reverb brings music to life. In unskilled hands, it sinks it into mud. It's an essential element in any track, adding depth, giving a sense...

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A Dozen Decent Websites for Drummers

Tonight it's the drummers' turn. Where should you turn to learn your rudiments, develop your technique, practise your percussion, and learn to customize your...

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20 Vibrant and Helpful Audio Forums Where You Can Find Support

Sometimes you'll encounter a question or problem so specific, it's unlikely you'll find a tutorial that will help. Or you're contemplating buying a new piece...

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Which Computer Should a Beginner Use for Audio Production

If you want to get into audio production, then you'll almost definitely want to use a computer-based digital audio workstation. What does a beginner need to...

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30+ Sites That Serve Up Great Loops and Samples

Loops can form the foundation of a track, and are useful for quickly putting some ideas together when sketching out an arrangement. Samples provide us with...

Preview 29 article

35 Audio Tutorial Sites That Will Keep You Learning

The reason you're here on our site is because you're interested in audio tutorials. I think we do a great job: we have a huge number of excellent tuts - both...

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10 Last-minute Gift Suggestions for the Musician in Your Life

Problem. There's five days till Christmas, and you still don't know what to get your muso friend. While most musicians do wear socks and undies, here's a...

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25 Key Websites for Piano and Keyboard Players

Some of us are piano players, synth players or keyboard players. The rest of us most likely use a keyboard to enter notes into our DAWS - at least some of...

Podcast200 article

20 Podcasts that Musicians Should Subscribe To (And Why!)

Rather than listening to music as I drive, shave and garden, I regularly listen to podcasts. That way I’m not just being entertained, but educated as well....

Gibsonrobot article

50 Insanely Useful Websites for Guitarists - 2011 Update

The guitar is a versatile and popular instrument that spans most musical genres. Here are 50 useful and interesting sites dedicated to the guitar and its...

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10 Secure Online Backup Solutions for Pro Audio

Backup, backup, backup. You put enough effort into your audio files to protect them. Spend time thinking about your backup strategy. Make sure it works! And...