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1490735643richard tilney bassett 183124 article

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Hosting Provider

You need a website. You have a clear idea of what you want, and have carefully considered the type of hosting you need. Now, with credit card in hand, it’s time to decide which company to sign up with.

Choosing a hosting provider is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. The future of your website depends on it.

1490943000glenn carstens peters 190592 article

Your Regular WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Brush your teeth. Pick up your socks. Make your bed. Wash the dishes. Life is full of lots of little jobs that aren’t particularly fun to do, but things get ugly if you don’t. Maintaining a website is just the same.

1495706556james sutton 187816 article

40 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure — SitePoint

Hackers. Vulnerabilities. Brute-force. Malware. Denial of service. Man-in-the-middle. Phishing. All scary words. We live in a dangerous online world!

Has your site been hacked? I have, and we’re not alone. In 2012 more than 70% of WordPress sites were vulnerable to attack, and not much has changed since. What have you done to protect your site?

In this article we’ve pulled together security tips from previous SitePoint articles, our own experience, and from around the web, and organized them in a way I hope you find useful and understandable. And most importantly, easy to act on.

Setapp task management article

Setapp Review 2017: Is a Software Subscription Service a Better Way?

MacPaw Setapp is a subscription based software library for your Mac. Every program is available for use as long as you are paid up. The choice of software is quite broad, so it may be the only subscription service you need. The team have put some thought into the apps they offer, giving you a smaller collection of quality apps to choose from. At $9.99 a month, that's quite reasonable.

Open uri20170801 27243 1o7573p article

The Best Markdown Editor for Mac — SitePoint

Markdown provides a convenient way to add formatting to a plain text document, while leaving it in plain text. It’s simpler and faster than adding HTML markup, and doesn’t have the lock-in of using something like Microsoft Word.

1498687397rawpixel com 274862 article

6 of the Best Markdown Plugins for WordPress — SitePoint

Markdown is a fast and efficient way to write content for the web. We sang its praises and listed its benefits in our previous article, How Writers and Bloggers Can Make the Most of Markdown in WordPress This follow-up post is a quick reference of the best plugins that let you use Markdown from within WordPress.

Open uri20170806 20845 19ju1fk article

Wondershare PDFelement Review: Can It Make Editing PDFs Simpler?

PDFelement makes it easy to create, edit, markup and convert PDF files. The ability to create complex PDF forms from paper forms or other documents is a huge plus. So is the ability to edit entire blocks of text, rather than just line by line, and convert a PDF to Word or Excel format. The app feels capable, stable and surprisingly easy to use.

Pdfpen editing4 article

Smile PDFpen Review 2017: Is It the Best PDF Editor for Mac?

PDFpen is an easy-to-use yet powerful PDF editor for the Mac. You can mark up PDFs with highlights, drawings and comments. You can add or edit the text of a document. You can fill in forms and add a signature. You can even create searchable PDFs from paper documents. We often think of PDFs as read-only documents.

Open uri20170806 20853 1q0ysbw article

iMobie MacClean Review 2017: How Much Drive Space Can It Free?

MacClean promises to spring clean your Mac, freeing up disk space, protecting your privacy and increasing your security. The app excels at freeing up space on your hard drive. By running a series of scans it gave me an extra 35GB on my MacBook Pro, and most of the scans took just seconds. The privacy and security features of the app are helpful — but only marginally.

1498378570dalibor bosnjakovic 187135 article

4 Simple Ways to Add Audio to Your WordPress Site — SitePoint

Do you have audio files you want to share with your audience? Facebook won’t let you… unless you resort to frustrating trickery like sharing an audio file in Dropbox or converting it to video. But if you’re hosting your own WordPress website, nothing could be easier.

1497416376steinar engeland 103725 article

5 Ways to Use WordPress to Provide Exceptional Customer Support ...

Whether you develop web apps, sell WordPress plugins and themes, or run an online store, offering great customer support is essential for success. Do it well, and you’ll have happy customers and set yourself apart from your competitors. Do it badly, and it will come back to bite you.

1498549897chris leggat 42107 article

How Writers and Bloggers Can Make the Most of Markdown in ...

Markdown is a quick and easy way to add formatting to a document. Most articles on SitePoint (including this one) started life that way. In fact, all submissions must be posted in Markdown format.

You can use Markdown on your own blog or website. First, you need to choose a good web host – like our preferred web hosting provider, SiteGround, where you can even get WordPress pre-installed. Now you have the task of filling your blog with quality content. Markdown promises to make the process faster and simpler.

1497312914alvaro serrano 133380 article

I’m Ready for an Online Store. What Hosting Should I Choose?

So you’re ready to launch your online store. Can you just use your existing web hosting, or do you need something special?

1495860363giulio magnifico 78819 article

8 of the Best Plugins for Securing Your WordPress Site — SitePoint

How do you avoid getting hacked? Our last article detailed forty techniques for securing your WordPress site. This follow-up post is a quick reference of the best plugins that look after your security needs.

We’ve focused on highly-rated plugins that cover a range of security features, rather than one-trick-wonders. If your hosting provider doesn’t already have a comprehensive security solution, installing one of these would be a great first step in your security strategy.

1496021588andrew branch 106863 article

How Can I Use WordPress for eCommerce? — SitePoint

So, you love WordPress, and want to launch an eCommerce site. You can do just about anything with WordPress. Should it be used for eCommerce, or is it better to use something designed from top to bottom for online shopping, like Magenta, Prestashop or OpenCart?