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Ergo article

What Freelancers Must Know About Ergonomics - Studio Blog

Some professions can be dangerous to your health. These include fire fighters, oil riggers, those serving in the armed forces, and even electricians. These professionals don’t take the danger for granted. They use special equipment and procedures to minimize the risk.

As a freelancer, you also spend your days doing activities that risk your health: sitting on a chair, typing, using a mouse, and looking at a monitor.

Workatcoffeeshop article

Top 10 Myths About Freelancers

A myth is a story that gets passed around. Like Chinese whispers, they develop over time, and take on a life of their own. They start with a kernel of truth, but that truth gets hard to identify after a while. The truth gets lost in the drama of the story.

There are a ton of myths about freelancing. They develop because of over-cautious fear on the one hand, and unrealistic expectations on the other. Managers can fear losing control of a job by giving it to a freelancer. Potential freelancers can imagine the worst, or ignore the risks. And myths arise.

Here are the Top 10 Myths about Freelancers.

Thumb2 article

How to Tweak Your Home Office to Be Productive Full-time

Change is on my mind. This week has been my first week as a full-time web worker. I feel like I have been initiated into a club, and have a new sense of freedom. My home is my office, my work hours are flexible, and I can wear what I want. I like those changes!

Sauce1 article

Secret Sauce: 10 Game-changing Tips from the World’s Top Freelancers

“Learn from the best, or die like the rest.” Sobering words for a freelancer!

In this article we try to discover what separates the best from the rest. What are the world’s top freelancers doing that the rest of us aren’t?

Some of the advice you read here might seem surprising or counter-intuitive. You may read hints you have never tried. The question is: Will you give them a go?

Business article

40 Places Where Freelancers Can Learn More About Business

People become freelancers for all sorts of reasons. Very few do it to get into business – that’s just a side effect. To be successful freelancers, we need to be savvy business people.

Understanding business takes work – some light reading, some heavy ploughing though your government’s forms and requirements, maybe some serious study, and keeping up with business news and events. Material for small businesses and entrepreneurs will be especially helpful.

Here is a reading list for you to pick and choose from: 40 Places Where Freelancers Can Learn More About Business.