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1490943000glenn carstens peters 190592 article

Your Regular WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Brush your teeth. Pick up your socks. Make your bed. Wash the dishes. Life is full of lots of little jobs that aren’t particularly fun to do, but things get ugly if you don’t. Maintaining a website is just the same.

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I Need a Website. What Do I Need to Know About Hosting?

Inspiration strikes! You wake up one morning and realize it’s time for a website. The initial thought comes with anticipation and freshness.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a personal site where you can share your own perspective on life, the multiverse and everything. Or maybe you’ve formed a careful plan about how you can effectively promote your business on a website, or even actually conduct business with an online store.

It doesn’t take long to discover that there’s quite a lot involved in just getting started.

1490061868thomas kvistholt 191153 article

What Sort of Hosting Should I Choose for My Website?

Having a website is a bit like having a child. It’s rewarding to watch them grow, but they require time, effort, and a watchful eye. Providing an environment that meets their needs will ensure their healthy, ongoing growth.

A website can grow in terms of content, structure and functionality, and these have implications for your site’s home—your web hosting. Invest some time considering the options.

1490735643richard tilney bassett 183124 article

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Hosting Provider

You need a website. You have a clear idea of what you want, and have carefully considered the type of hosting you need. Now, with credit card in hand, it’s time to decide which company to sign up with.

Choosing a hosting provider is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. The future of your website depends on it.